Thursday, 25 July 2013

How are you coping?

Hope you guys are all coping better with the heat then I am! I'm keeping an ice cold foot bath handy and using it throughout the day, does a great job but wow the heat is something else.  I do love the nice long coolish evenings though, they almost make it worth it.

Orla bunny has taken to getting up in the morning and heading straight to the corner under my computer desk where she can lie on the coldish floor and never see the sun. GrĂ¡inne tends to just get back into the shaded downstairs of her cage, after her morning circuit to check everything is where it should be and to re chin everything; just in case some other bunny came in overnight and claimed everywhere!

I have been trying to resist the urge to just keep up with orders and then flake out on the sofa and siesta all day. But I have managed to resit (mostly) so I have a few new items and more on the way! As well as getting a lot of my computer admin work done when it's just too warm for gloves and blowtorches. I even have my taxes filed and they're not due till January! Go me!

So I think I'll leave you with a few new pics and go put my feet back in the foot bath!

Hope you're coping better then me! Any tips?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

One Planet Cardiff

So one of the things I did (relatively) recently was helping out with SustArt at the One Planet festival in Cardiff.

It was an amazing day and a great chance to get to know whats happening around the city. Cardiff in general is pretty good about festivals, there was a lovely food one this weekend too, but the One Planet is all about sustainability and the environment so fitted particularly well with me. Also it was a great place to get some advice about chickens for my Mam; there's some bullying happening with her little group. And I may have found a home for all the wonderful bunny poo that my little girls supply me with day in and day out!

A work of Art :) 
What I was doing there was helping out SustArt  a group that are promoting sustainability through Art. 

At this particular event we were getting people to write or draw their ideas to form the logo of the festival so that at the end we had a nice informative piece of art, full of sustainable suggestions  It was a great chance to talk to people and got some great debates going, which for someone that works at home alone is really really fun! And I think the finished project was pretty fab.

Joe pretending to be shy
There were of course lots of other groups and businesses there as well, some of which I knew, like Hungry Planet where I go to get all my rice, other essentials and the best chocolate in the world ever. As well as groups I'd never heard of, but would quite like to get involved with such as Cardiff Transition Project, a group of people trying to change the world from the bottom up. 

Hopefully it'll happen again next year and it'll be even bigger,and if it does get your arse there cause it's great fun altogether!! 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dinosaurs rrararraarrrr

Raptor and Hadrosaur
This last few months I've been trying to roll out new designs, and my dinosaur earrings I have to say I think are pretty fab! I've featured my favorite dinosaurs, Triceratops, T Rex, Velociraptor and a Hadrosaur, and hope to add some more soon.

Available in 4 different sets or as a set of all four. What do you think?

Anymore dinosaurs you think I should add?

Raptor and Triceratops

T Rex and Hadrosaur

T Rex and Triceratops

We're all going on a summer holiday..... well actually we're back

There's been lots of changes across my shops so I'm planning lots of blog posts to share them with you, but today I'm just back to Cardiff from 10 days in Ireland, I'm a little tired, but it was a great holiday! With lots of celebrations!

Congrats to Suzy and Neil on an amazing wedding, to Eugene and Margaret on an amazing 40 years married! And to Conan on his wonderful new Fiance, me!

The Hill of Tara on the Solstice, pretty magical place if you ever get the chance to visit! 
So here's a few photos I wanted to share with you from our trip. Hope everyone is well.
My lovely ring, the cheek of him! He stole my tools and did the stone setting himself! 

The bunnies of course came with us! And made themselves at home!
My parents live near Trim, Co Meath so we went for a nice
tour of the castle, the tour brings you up inside the keep!
The view from the top of the keep.

The river running alongside Trim castle