Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Food glorious food!

Oooh I'm loving this whole veg box thing! Got our third one today and it came with a fruit box as a nice surprise! I do like being spolit! 

Conan is out today so haven't told him about the watermelon but he looooooooooooves watermelon so I know that'll go down well. The bunnies might just fight me for the bananas and despite my usual aversion to raspberries on account of a summer spent picking the @£$%"^  (excuse my language) I have to admit I tried them this morning and they're yummy!

Of course got our normal veg box too, and we've upgraded slightly to the one that doesn't come with spuds, since we weren't really using them but of course once we did that I found a really nice potato salad to use! Typical!   We did get more broad beans though and seriously guys I need some help! I've tried  a few recipes and I'm just not feeling it! They're sooooo boring! Anyone got any good ideas? We still have a few turnips left from the last box too so help there as well please! 

Very happy to see the cherry tomatoes in the box, as far as I'm concerned they have been the highlight of the whole thing so far, I think tomatoes are one of the things that you can really really taste when they're good. Also got lots of spinach which I love and the carrot tops are already being very very well received by the bunnies! 

Nom nom!
I think Orla thought the camera was a little distracting,
she doesn't like being watched while she eats. 
GrĂ¡inne doesn't care, carrot tops too delicious to care!

The only problem is I've not room in my fridge! So I think I'm going to have to do a LOT of eating this week. Woe is me! My life is so hard! 

Must have them all, no sharing allowed! 

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Circus came to town

So as you probably gathered by now, we live in Cardiff, Wales, it’s a lovely city, but like most cities it has it’s nice areas and dodgy areas. We live somewhere in the middle, but very close to one of the so called dodgy areas. But I love where we live!                                                                                                                                                                                 Our closest shops; post office, health food shop, veg shop, pharmacy, pet shop, and take aways; pretty much everything we need, are on Clifton Street, it’s a strange street, it looks a bit run down, and I’ve heard some people say they’re scared to walk down it, but personally I've only met nice people there. The people in the shops are always lovely and can have a bit of a natter; which for someone that works at home alone is absolutely brilliant! I would be lost without the banter!

But a few weeks ago, Clifton Street went above and beyond, when the circus came to town. I might point out though this was no ordinary silly circus this was No Fit State (look them up) think Welsh circ du soleil.

I went down with a friend to check it out and despite the rain, it was really, really, really good fun! So here’s a few pics, and I for one can’t wait for No Fit State to open in the four elms!
If you’re feeling generous they still need a little bit of a help out, click here for more details. 

Fantastic weekend :)

Well I hope everyone else had as great a weekend as me, although possibly a more productive one J

For the first time in ages I took the entire weekend off, I didn't check in with my shops or worry about getting listings up, and I was caught up on orders so no worry there either. And I had a really really good friend over for the weekend so we talked and relaxed and enjoyed life and I thoroughly recommend it! 

I also recommend Before Sunrise and Before Sunset which as always were a great watch, and Just Go For It which we just randomly picked to watch and got a very good laugh out of J ....we also made it halfway through an Ed Byrne DVD which had me hurting from laughing, I think I’ll watch the rest tonight.

So now I’m relaxed and enthused and in organizing mode! Got the weekends orders ready to go in tomorrow mornings post and I’m going to sit down with a sketch pad and play with some new ideas. 

How was your weekend?

Friday, 2 August 2013

Medieval Times

Wow there is sooo much happening in Cardiff at the moment! It's great, although personally it's all being eclipsed this weekend by the visit of a very old friend that I haven't seen in way too long! If anyone needs us we'll be on the sofa eating ice cream (I got some lovely vegan ice cream) and watching Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and probably some Tommy Tiernan dvds, it's going to be great! ...I'm more then a little excited!

In other news, last week I went to a special medieval info and talk day with the Celtic Learners network at Caerphilly castle, it was fantastic! The weather was great so I did skip one talk to sit in the sun eating a yummy lunch, but I went to the rest of them. 

First up was Castle Architecture, which was made all the better by being in a castle, but also by the fact that I had recently been to Trim Castle so I could see how much of what was said made it to Ireland, and the reasons for a lot of the design. Then was a talk on history as it was viewed in medieval times, ie through a religious filter. Very interesting to hear about lots of stuff that had just never occurred to me and also the rational behind the earth being 6000 years old and why the middle ages are called the middle ages.

After lunch it was the Black Death, and who doesn't like a good talk on the Black Death! Though I was not to happy when I got home to see that a squirrel carrying it had been found in California! 

The final talk of the day was about Owain GlynDyr which I found the most interesting, since as an Irish person I know very little about him. For the non Welsh out there, he was a Welsh noble who crowned himself prince of Wales and tried to get rid of the English, a fascinating story and legend, and it got an interesting conversation going about Welsh independance!

All in all a very good day, think I'll be keeping an eye out to see what they have happening in Autumn. 

Right back to cleaning the house before my guest arrives!