Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sales time

Well I’m definitely getting the impression most people are much more organised then me and have started their Christmas shopping already! Good work people! I’ve been a busy busy busy bee J

 Which is why I haven’t had a chance to post since I got to see my work up in the Washington Gallery Penarth! It was amazing to see all my stuff shining in a big glass case! Some really lovely stuff in the gallery for the Christmas period, if you’re near by you should definitely stop by.

But first you should pop over to my etsy shop for 10% off sale on everything for the Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend, check it out people! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all those stateside, and good look in the floods for everyone here in the UK. Have a great weekend

Friday, 9 November 2012

Diabolical plans

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!

Mine was amazing back in Ireland at the Hill of Ward for a firelight procession and bonfire and lots of chanting and singing! Really really good fun!

And now Christmas is nearly here! And a bunch of my diabolical plans have finally fitted into place! mwhaaaaaa!

First up is the Washington gallery in Penarth which will be stocking lots of my pieces over the Christmas, I'm very happy and excited about this! It's a fab gallery with a lovely little cafe attached, and for anyone that might be around tonight  from 6-8 there is a late night shopping evening and I heard mention of mince pies and mulled wine, yum!

Secondly I have ventured into a new and fancy section of the internet known as Not On The High Street, and lots of my pieces are up there to be seen and purchased.

Lots of new photos had to be taken so I've said goodbye to my ammonite fossil and hello to a beautiful green scarf, I'd love opinions on the photos, and if they're well received shall be undertaking to update all my etsy pics, no mean feat!

Thirdly I now have uber pretty new boxes which I will be dispatching in, and as always will gift wrap or include messages if you want something sent straight to someone special.

Finally as Etsy is the site that got me off the ground and has the most varied collection of my work, I have recently done a big over hall of listings and some pics and will be offering freepost from now until December 10th, just use the code FREEPOST2012 at the checkout