Monday, 30 January 2012

Go go go!

Well I’m go go go today! Being very productive ticking things off my to do list but keep adding new ones! I started with 23 things I’ve added 10 more and only ticked off 10! That’s not a list that’s ever going to get cleared! Ahhhhh! But I’ll soldier through! Fingers crossed!

New listing gone up today, check it out and don’t forget free shipping until Valentines day! Just enter the code “HAPPYVALENTINES” at the check out to claim.

Finally I think everyone should see this video! To to try get my little buns doing this! Shouldn’t be too hard to find sheep in Wales!

Friday, 27 January 2012

I'm so happy :) you guys get free post till Valentines!

As many of those who know me personally will attest, I am very easily please (easily annoyed too, but lets not go there) and today I'm very very happy on account of a decent sunny morning which allowed me to get pictures taken! Me happy! ....Also a great yin yoga class at yogafever.

So here is a few pics for people to check out, you will see a little space theme running through, I may be a little obsessed! If anything takes your fancy check out my etsy page, if it's not listed yet it will be very very soon, and you can have freepost by using the code "HAPPYVALENTINES" at the checkout.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Where is the sun!

Oh I want the sun to shine soooo much! I have lots of pretty things to take pictures off and share with the world! But taking pictures of silver in artificial light just doesn’t work! I did manage to get some pics of yesterdays enamel work though J  Would love to know what you think!
Orion on domed copper with enamel fired over

I spent the entire day at the kiln and by the end I have several pieces and a giant smile on my face! I also smelt a little strange but yay I hadn’t set anything on fire that I didn’t mean to!
I think this looks like a nebula
The other side of the nebula pendant

Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy New Year Dragons

Well I had a fantastic weekend and Happy New Year Dragons J

Very active and productive weekend. Which left me a little tired but mostly inspired to do lots of stuff today! I have a bunch of stuff ready to enamel very excited about some of it, but I’m wrecked now! So it will have to wait till the morning!

Also very excited to have my hallmarking back from the assay office so I have hallmarked pendants of lots of the constellations back in stock!

My first pair of cuff links are in the cleaner at the moment, fingers crossed, you never know exactly how it will look and if there are any scratches etc until a piece is all cleaned up! So I’m waiting with baited breath! About to make my first key rings too! So a few new lines will be coming soon J And I’m edging towards the 100 items listed in my etsy shop! Well I’m on 82 but I do have a bunch of stuff ready to go so once I get a nice sunny day J hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow.

Also the idea of a competition is brewing in my mind!

Happy New Year guys!

PS In honour of the year of the dragon and the fact that I live in Wales, here is a Treasury I put together. 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Got that Friday feeling :)

Well hope everyone is in as good form as I am!

Tis a Friday I have a weekend of fun classes ahead of me (yep I know I’m weird) and a night of fun with the girls planned for tomorrow night. My orders are ready to go, just have to walk to the post office and then maybe go to yoga class, I’m not sure about that.

I’ve got a few new listings up in the last few days, check them out and I’ve been featured in some amazingly cute Treasuries!

I’ve joined a team on etsy the craftyfolk and will be taking part in their daily listings club, so I will aim to have at least one listing a day! Gulp! I can do it ...right?

I’ve started to get my folksy shop up the level of my etsy one, still a ways to go but I got a shout out on twitter by folksy which is definitely encouraging me to keep going! It’ll get there!

I have been very productive and I have more stuff ready to photo once the light is good, hopefully I’ll get a chance on Sunday and I am almost there on figuring out a nice design for clip on ear studs, they are being very very difficult and I’m not listing them until they’re perfect!

I’m also eager to get back to the enamelling! The planned sewing this week never happened! But I did promise I was going to sew something I could wear this month so I have 11 days left to figure that out!

Of course whats really put a giant smile on my face J Is this pic I just uploaded of the boy and Orla bunny my little girls aren't quite so little anymore! I love the expression on her face! 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My supposed day off.

I’ve finally caught up with myself so no more running after my own tail! Woohoooo! Decided to give myself a little break today but of course my day off involved me disappearing into the depths of the etsy forums! Found a few new teams I’m going to join and a few ideas I’m going to try, and it was pretty relaxing J Guess that’s the problem with being your own boss, are you ever really off work? But I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is not one single atom of my body that regrets giving up teaching to go for my dreams and I hope everyone else has the chance to go for theirs too!

In the midst of looking at etsy I listed some new pieces, and realised that my folksy shop has been set to holiday mode since Christmas ooops! I’ve fixed that and I’m listing some stuff up there as I type; it’s loading slowly in the background.  

I also followed a link to a very set of some amazing crocheted pieces you should all look at! Traffic cones, wheelie bins and poo! Brilliant!  

I also routed through a giant box of material we inherited from a friend when they left Cardiff, so I’m looking and making plans and I think I’ll take out the sewing machine tomorrow J but tonight is all about trying a new recipe and heading to pottery class. 

Oh and I'm getting very pin happy on Pinterest :) 

I'll leave you with a nice pic I took in the summer, remember back then when it was soooooo warm! Ah good times! 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Classes classes everywhere!

Well it's been a busy ol week!

Back to my classes, 'Pottery, Yoga and Tai Chi (what was I thinking) as well as Herbal Medicine next Saturday and some Yoga workshops I'm signed up for on Sundays! Also got a few hours in the museum which given its January and all is very very much appreciated!

 But today was a "free" day, I spent it at my bench and when the sun quickly popped its head out I grabbed the camera and got some shots for new listings as well as some daylight shots of the enamel work from my last post. I'm really happy with how far through the constellation pendants I am, I'm doing the entire zodiac but I'm also doing some of the more obscure like Andromeda. It's really fun and interesting and I very much want to go out star gazing soon! I'll actually have a chance of knowing more then just the Plough and Orion now!

Now for some real work!
Bunny cages need cleaning :(

Monday, 9 January 2012

Enamel bunnies everywhere!

Well Friday was enamel day, and I had great fun put on some really cheesy music and danced around the kitchen like a lunatic! We’re on the second floor so passersby can’t see in but I just hope the neighbour across the street wasn’t watching!

It was a success and a bust, I’ve working on making enamel stud earrings, and I started off with  8 earrings, I finished with this pair. I’m happy with them but I think it goes without saying there is work to do! 

I did however also manage to get several bunny brooches prepped and ready to go. So listing should be going up over the next few days, and I’m very happy with the little guys J I might even give them names! Ooooh actually can I have name suggestions please!
Unfortunatly not the best photos on account of the lack of sunlight today, but here they are!
All bunny brooches are made from
 enamel on copper

GrĂ¡inne as always likes to be involved!
No bunnies were harmed inthe making of these brooches! 

I also had a go at this howling wolf pendant on sterling silver,  and a copper pendant with two different colored sides, strung on a sterling silver jump ring and chain. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Productive day :)

OOOH I had a productive day! Lots done, got a few new star signs almost finished and ready to go up on etsy; once pictures are taken J and got a bunch of earrings and brooches ready to be enamelled tomorrow! Very excited to get my kiln fired up! It’s so good to be back at my bench!

Also went to see The Lady in the cinema, very sad movie, but definitely worth a watch!

Right now to round up bunnies and go to bed, up nice and early to melt stuff! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Well I’m back at my bench and so happy for it! Had a lovely day just me and my saw, I’d forgotten just how relaxing I find it! I’m going to go back in a while! It’s my happy place J

But first I want to share with you the handy work of a very very good friend of mine Rachel Brennan, we’ve been friends since secondary school and while I was in Ireland over the Christmas she agreed to take some rather excellent photos of some pieces of my jewellery, we also managed to rope in another one of my very good looking friends who is too modest to have her name here.  
So here are the photos, I’m really really happy with them and how they turned out, hope you like them J