Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Free Shipping until December 15th!

All busy here! Working furiously away at my bench for a good chunk of today and online for another chunk! There really is no rest for the wicked! I’m updating the Folksy shop, they have a nice new layout and I’ve discovered that if I use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, it doesn’t take all day! Halleluiah
In other news I shall be offering free postage on the Etsy shop from now until the 15th of December, and on Folksy if I can figure out how!  By which time really you should have bought all your Christmas prezzies, you don’t want stuff lost in the post and not under the tree on the big day! Not worth the risk! Sooo take advantage of the free shipping and make sure and get everything on time J Win win! To get your free shipping just enter "EARLYPRESENT" at the checkout.
I'm planning on finally starting enamelling tomorrow! Pictures will follow! 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Newsflash! Surprise sale! Free Shipping!

Starting now there is free shipping on my shop for the rest of Cyber Monday, so go shopping people! Use the code "HAPPYCYBERMONDAY " at the checkout to claim your free shipping!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Catch up.

Oh I’ve been a very bold blogger this week! I thought once I finished the day job I’d be better but apparently I very quickly found other stuff to fill my time with!
It was a pretty productive week though, I’ve spent a lot of time at my bench and quite a bit of that was playing so I should have some nice interesting new designs soon, I really hadn’t allowed myself to play very much recently. And I do like to play! I also got photo’s taken despite the bunnies best efforts and new listings up and got a lot of stuff organised. I could of course have been more productive but hey that’s always the way and I’m not going to beat myself up about it!
I’ve started to get more and more stuff up on my Folksy page but it is hard work, unfortunately takes much longer to upload listings, which is a pity cause I’d quite like to use it and it has gotten me some sales already. I’m going to keep trying, but it’s pretty slow going.
Been meaning to get myself some Treasuries done on etsy this week, along with some Christmas shopping! And even more inspired after waking up this morning to see I’m included in this lovely Penguin Treasury.
Really looking forward to getting to my bench this afternoon and seeing what pops out J hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday!
Don’t forget cyber Monday tomorrow so still offering free mistletoe ring with all orders, just specify ring size with your order, and free resin earrings with orders over £100, just specify your colour choice.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fantastic Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

Resin Earrings
Well this weekend is a special weekend with starting with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday and is THE internet shopping weekend! I’m hard at work prepping! Watch out for lots of listings popping up in the next day or two!  

Mistletoe ring
Anywho  in honour of this weekend I shall be giving away a mistletoe ring with every order made from now until midnight Monday the 28th, and for orders over £100 a pair of resin earrings too! I’m feeling generous and I’m loving my earrings!
So all you need to do, is tell me in the note with your sale what ring size you are, and if you’re spending over the £100, which colour earrings you want; choose from blue (my fav) green, gold, orange, red, and purple.

Mistletoe ring

If you don’t know what ring size you are, then wrap a piece of paper round your finger as tight as you want it and measure it as accurately as you can and send me that. 

Don’t forget every sale comes packaged in my beautiful 100% recycled boxes, ready to be given as a gift to someone special, or yourself J. And if you are being generous and buying a gift for someone else, I’m happy to ship directly to them including a note from you if requested.
Orla likes to help pack the presents

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Craft Fair

Well it’s official craft fairs are fun! I really enjoyed getting to talk to people all day, I’ve missed that, I used to do retail type work when I was younger and I always enjoyed it. So it was really good to be back face to face. Add to that the fact that the other sellers were really nice and that I had my boy with me too, and it was a really good day.
It was our first craft fair so the whole thing wasn’t as streamlined as I’d hoped, but we ironed out most of the kinks for the next time. First off we got lost, so we got there late, of course this was made worse by the fact that  we left late because we had last minute sign printing to do. We really left everything too late getting ready, but that was because with me still being in work I just didn’t have the time earlier in the week, but we know in future. Because of all this, it took us quite a while to get set up and we weren’t properly organised when the first few people came in, which was a pity cause the first rush was really the only one. It was a pretty quiet day, but the people who did come in did buy which was good and we definitely covered the cost which is really all a new business can ask for.

I also learnt quite a bit about what people like, and I was surprised that the majority I sold was copper, I’ll have to get cracking on the copper! Which suits me perfectly since there is no need to hallmark, and I can work with bigger pieces, just because of the price difference compared with silver.

I’ve been to a lot of craft fairs myself as a customer and I don’t like when the sellers are staring at you as you walk around or when they have their head in a book, so in the interest of being somewhere in between we had brought wire and beads to make stuff while we sat there and I was very glad we had. I now have a new mistletoe ring design that I’m going to put on etsy this week and some wire nests which I haven’t made in years but I really enjoyed making.  
My next fair is on the 10th of December in Redland School in Bristol and I will be there with bells on, ready to hit the ground running and making and showing people how to make my little bead rings. I’m looking forward to it J

Mistletoe ring with green wire and white pearl beads

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nearly ready!

Frenzied getting ready for the craft fair on Saturday! Very excited! Got my Hallmarking back today lots of stuff the most I've ever sent. I have mixed and placed the resin just waiting for it to set now. I somehow got so involved with the ring making process that I seem to only have a few earrings which I’m not too pleased with, may make some more tomorrow after work. Got very little copper done either but purposely left that till the end since that doesn’t need hallmarking. A delivery arrived today with brass wire in it, very excited to play with that and try move into a new metal! Good times! Has anyone any experience of working with brass? or for that matter of craft fairs?
For now though after a busy day of resin and post and organising in between yoga and tai chi, I think I’ll just head to bed!
Ooooh craft fair! Really excited! Going to be a hectic few days!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Competition winner

Well results are in! The winner is .......Ella Goodwin from Norwich. Check out her pic!
She’s even a fellow etsy sellers so check out her shop and congrats, the bat will be flying your way later this week!
Thanks for all the entries guys, much appreciated!
Also had to include this one cause it's just amazing!

Pirate ship Pumpkin! -Rachel Thomas

I’ve got some new listings up on the site so check them out! And I’m currently mid glass painting so should have some fab stuff out of the kiln this time tomorrow, very exciting times!

Hope everyone is well, time to start getting ready for Christmas!....suppose we better take down the Halloween decorations! But I really don’t want to!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Craft Fair prep!

Well I was AMAZINGLY productive yesterday! And I got the Hallmarking sent off for the craft fair next week! Very happy with myself! Although should have gotten more done of course! But thats always the way! The biggest bunch of hallmarking I’ve sent and I got the speedy service so I have time to set resin so I’m terrified of how much it’s going to cost! But phew it’s done!
The rest of the week will be focused on Glass and playing with my enamel and making some fab stuff from copper, so the factory is by no means resting for the week, just for the day. After the herculean effort yesterday I need the break! I also need to decide on a winner for the Halloween competition! Winner to follow!
So for anyone in the Cardiff Penarth area, if you’re looking for unique Christmas presents or just for a nice day out and to maybe spoil yourself, come to the Penarth Community rooms 13-15 Tennyson Road, Penarth on Sat the 19th from 10.30 to 4.30.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Crazy times!

I’ve been very bad with my blog this week, I’ve had a lot going on personally. I’ve also had a lot of making going on! I will be at a Craft Fair in Penarth Community Rooms on Tennyson road on the 19th of November so I’m trying to get everything ready in time! Lots of hallmarking to be sent and I think I’m at this stage going to have to pay for the quick service because just not got everything ready yet! Bold Sarah! But we’ll get there!
Only two more days till the closing date for my Halloween competition, easy peasy to enter! Send a Halloween or Bonfire night themed photo/picture to the best one as selected by myself and my trusty bunnies will win this lovely bat pendant worth £50!!!! Come on guys! Closing date is Friday!    

Monday, 7 November 2011

Busy busy bumble bee!

Lots of stuff made today! Lots of stuff half made! A very productive day, I'll hopefully have a big bunch of stuff to go for hallmarking on Wed so I an get everything back in time for craft fair in Penarth on the 19th! So so so so much to do! I'm in a that how you spell that?

Anywho pictures will follow soon and there will be lots! For now don't forget final closing date for competition is on Friday!

Email your Halloween and Bonfire night photos to the best picture wins, it's that easy!

The wonderful fabulous prize!

Friday, 4 November 2011

New Listings, Bonfire Night and still time for competition entries!

It’s Friiiiiiiiday! Woohooo! And I have the house to myself this weekend so soooo much is going to get done! It has already started with a new listing up and more to follow over the weekend, here’s a sneak peak.

I am also going to leave the house a little, but only a little! Going to Caerphilly Castle for fireworks tomorrow for Bonfire night! Hopefully get some amazing pictures and guys remember the Halloween competition is still open untill next Friday to give you time to get Bonfire night pictures too and to wade through your photos and find the best ones!
This is going to be my first Bonfire night, I’ve been to bonfires of course, but they were on Halloween, me thinks I might do a little research into this Bonfire night thing and it’s history!
And finally I have to share this I think it’s priceless! A museum cleaner cleaned away some modern art worth a fortune, and she’s far from the first!
Enjoy the fireworks if you’re in the UK, if you’re anywhere else well nananananana! ;)