Thursday, 7 November 2013

New Website

This blog has served me well but I'm happy to announce I have a new website up and running

So all blog posts in future will be from there, so feel free to head over and check it out for news on competitions, special offers and what the bunnies and myself have been up to :) 

See you on the other side! 

Monday, 4 November 2013

I still love Halloween!

Well Halloween did not disappoint! I had a fantastic night out with some fantastic friends :)

We headed to Techniquest which is a Science Discovery center in Cardiff Bay which has an adults only after hours evening every so often, it's the third time I've been, but the first in fancy dress! It's the sort of place that makes your want kids, just so you have an excuse to go, but now I know about the adult evenings we should be alright ;)

So here's the only pic I actually managed to get of me, and of course it was at the end of the night with a lovely Tesco in the background! I suppose thats the problem being the one with the camera!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Squeeeee it's Halloween!

I've had a hectic week running workshops in the museum but spent today getting all caught up on orders and now I just have to finish my costume for tonight!

And of course in the interest of finding a costume I had to look back over some old pics and thought I'd share :) Some are Halloween some are just other excuses I found to dress up :)

Woohoo Happy Halloween!

Our Apt a few year ago

My Parents, it's not just me that loves fancy dress :) 

Halloween in Korea,...there's soju in my drip :) 

First Halloween in Cardiff

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Interview with Silver Paw!!!!

So would you like to introduce yourself? 
Hi my name is Silver Paw, like most Polar Bears I am originally from Canada but somehow after a very very long swim I ended up in Cardiff as a model for silver jewellery. Life's just strange like that!

What was your early life like? Do you have any family? 
For the first two and a half years of my life I lived with my mother and my twin brother; I never knew my Dad. We spent our time roaming across the ice in Northern Canada and learning to swim and hunt and to look out for other bears.

But you didn't stay there? 
Neither of them supported my dream to be a model and since I knew how to fend for myself I took off on a long swim through the Arctic Ocean; stopping for a few snacks along the way of course, and I haven't seen either of them since. Just wait till they see me on billboards! That'll show them!

It definitely will! So you always wanted to be a model? 
Ye since I was a little cub and I first saw the CocaCola Christmas adds, I thought if that guy could do it, so could I. My mother even told me that's my Dad, but I'm not sure I believe her.

Oh so modelling might be in the family.
Maybe, you never know ;)

So on the rare occasion you have some free time between photo shoots, what do you get up to? 
Oh you know, the normal, hanging out with friends, catching a seal or two, watching a movie. Mostly I love to swim and well very few people know this about me, but I loooooove to dance!
the interviewer later went onto youtube and found a clip of Silver Paw dancing away, perhaps Strictly come dancing will be the next step in his stellar career! 

So what's next for you? 
First up will be more modelling for Fragment Designs of course, I hear there may be a few more additions to the Rose range as well as a few other top secret projects. After that I might take some time off, maybe do a charity swim or two, and then see if I can get into acting.

Well good luck, it's been great talking to you, hope it goes great! 
Lovely talking to you too, enjoy the rest of your day.

In my spare time I like to swim, a lot! but what most people don't realise is I like to dance and sing too!

Watch out for Silver Paw on a Billboard near you! 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Made in Britain days

I got to spend Saturday back in the Made in Britain shop in Bristol, and it was fun! You could really see that people are starting to think about Christmas and presents for their friends because insanely it's only 10 weeks till Christmas! And I have nothing ready! I'm still focused on Halloween (which is of course the vastly superior holiday) and trying to think of a costume! Sigh! 

However I do think I will be getting a good few of my prezzies for people from the Made in Britain shop, it's hard to be surrounded by it all day and not buy! So I took lots of pics for you guys to look at, and if you're in the Bristol area tomorrow, pop by the shop and say hello :) We're in Cabot Circus next to Carluccios.

Watch out for special guest blogger tomorrow :) 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Last chance to name the bear

Just over 6 hours left to name this little guy for a chance to win your choice of rose cuff links, pendant or earrings. Competition finishes at 5pm GMT and I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Comment with his name here, on the original blog post or on my facebook twitter or google + pages.

So to get you thinking, here's a few facts about Polar Bears:

Polar Bears actually have black skin and colourless thick hollow hairs which reflect light making them look white!

When they're first born a baby Polar Bear is about the size of an adult Guinea Pig....they get a little bigger though :p

Polar Bears have been known to swim 100miles in one go!

Go on! Give the bear a name!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Eh anyone know what I do with this?

So new veg box yesterday :) went with the fruit and veg option and really glad I did, the oranges are amazing! The pears are pretty damn good too!

Ordered some cape gooseberries as extra to see if I like them since I'm thinking of growing them; which seemed like it would be a little silly if I don't like them, I'm not sure yet to be honest. But I have a full box to decide and either way they are adorable! ...thats what's important in a food right?

But I also got this thing....
And I need help, what do I do with it?
It looks well cool!!!

And don't forget my competition running on yesterdays blog until Wed. click here to enter.